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This is a great connection and a great article. It is so true that people do believe in certain things because their culture does. When I visited Spain it was perfectly acceptable to drink during lunch...even when returning to work. In the US that is highly unacceptable and frowned upon. So I believe that cultural connections can be both a good and bad things. I would have to say I do think American doctors are a bit liberal sometimes with prescribing some medications, particularly for mental illness, depression, etc.


Great blog, thank-you, and quite right on an important topic.

As an observer from across the pond the one gap in my mind surrounds how the patient in question will now "adhere to treatment as prescribed" - instead I would encourage a shift to "treatment as agreed".
By this I mean that patients should be told of the available therapeutic options, their pros and cons, and be allowed to make an informed choice that the prescriber agrees with. This supports the information giving vital to longer term adherence and helps build stronger patient-prescriber relationships.

Otherwise also don't forget about the unintentional reasons for non-adherence. Some useful stuff in the UK national guideline here: http://www.nice.org.uk/CG76

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